MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder

Designed to work with the MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console, this logging recorder represents the only fully integrated and certified IP radio recording and replay solution for Motorola’s ASTRO® 25 network. Seamless integration with Motorola’s IP infrastructure coupled with the advanced solution application for scenario reconstruction and analysis helps improve productivity and provides insight for public safety agencies — based on interactions with citizens.

The MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder (along with the Archiving Interface Server) comprise a mission critical digital logging system that is collaborative effort between Motorola and NICE® Systems Inc.



    Integration with radio system’s IP network
    Recorders reside on the radio IP network and participate in the radio’s security groups, fault management and network security.

    Radio audio, data and event call logging
    Provides logging of conventional and trunked radio audio, associated radio call information and radio system events.

    Fully digital
    Audio is recorded in its native vocoded format eliminating audio degradation associated with format conversions. During replay, audio is converted to analog and has the same audio quality level as the MCC 7500 dispatch console.

    True end-to-end encryption
    Radio voice messages remain encrypted the entire time they are transported between the dispatch console and the two-way radio, providing a higher degree of security.

    Agency partitioning
    Allows agency level control and access to playback (e.g. Police, Fire, and Public Works).

Specification Sheet

    MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder Data Sheet

    The MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder is a seamless, dedicated solution for the Motorola MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console. It is the only ASTRO 25 logging recorder solution that sits on the radio system’s IP network, approved for every release, and that meets all of the extensive Motorola performance specifications required to be implemented on the network. Plus, you get the uncompromising reliability and quality that are unique to Motorola.