When you want maximum control and reliability for sophisticated conventional and trunking communications systems, you need the Motorola MCC 5500. This modular workstation provides fully functioned dispatch capabilities for conventional radio systems and can control multiple, wireless radio systems.

The MCC 5500 Dispatch Console is a part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of integrated communications and information solutions and is intended to be the heart of all communications in a small to medium sized conventional radio system.



    Multifunctional console
    The MCC 5500 displays key radio, telephone, paging and signaling resources on one screen, so dispatchers can access them all at the touch-of-a-button.

    Distributed TDM switch
    The architecture of the MCC 5500 utilizes a distributed TDM switch with a separate audio unit at each operator position. This, combined with comprehensive diagnostics and automatic switching, allows the console to provide a fully redundant and self-healing solution.

    Integrated control room
    With integrated radio, paging and telephony, dispatch teams can effectively manage all of the resources at their disposal. The MCC 5500 Dispatch Console is an integrated solution for Dispatch Console, Vesta E911, IRR and Fire Alerting.

    Enhanced monitoring
    The MCC 5500 Dispatch Console not only automates the monitoring and testing of system components, it can also generate statistical reports and complete Log Dispatcher Operations.

    Multiple System Support
    The Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Console supports a variety of systems including Stat-Alert, Securenet, ASTRO and Wireless Interface for other systems.

    Supports a variety of radio systems and protocols
    Conventional analog, conventional ASTRO, Stat-Alert, conventional mixed mode.

Specification Sheet

    MCC 5500 Dispatch Console Specification Sheet

    Designed for reliable, integrated communications, the MCC 5500 Dispatch Console provides comprehensive dispatch capabilities for conventional radio systems. With integrated paging and telephony, your dispatchers can efficiently contact and manage all of the resources across your operations. Plus, you can customize the GUI for the specific needs of your operation, and your dispatchers will appreciate the ease of use.